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The Express Inhibitor Test provides a rapid on-site analysis of the concentration of all Fernox Protectors, and other molybdate based inhibitors, in central heating system water. Easy and intuitive to use, it is a quick and simple testing method to establish the presence of inhibitor within the system. Testing the concentration of inhibitor allows compliance with BS 7593:2019, the Benchmark scheme, and may be required for compliance with boiler warranties.
When used in conjunction with the Fernox Water Test App, which is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, this single usage, on-site heating system test can be saved within the App and a lab-style report certificate is available to download . A pass or a fail is confirmed based on the colour of the test strips compared against the colour chart on the pot. In the event of fail result, corrective action can be take immediately by simply adding more inhibitor and retesting to receive the pass certificate – saves time as there is no need for return visits to site.

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  • Quick and simple on-site testing of inhibitor concentration
  • One test strip per system. Each pot contains 50 test strips.
  • Suitable for testing all molybdate-based inhibitors
  • Download Fernox Water Test App for lab-style report certificate
  • Allows compliance with BS 7593:2019 and the Benchmark scheme
  • Allows compliance with boiler warranties
  • 1. Scan QR code on the test strip vial, download Fernox Water Test App and register
    2. Add new sample on the App
    3. Fill out system details (address, age of system etc.)
    4. Take a sample of system water which is representative of the system as a whole (drain the water for several seconds before taking the sample)
    5. Dip the test strip into the system water for 1 second and remove
    6. Compare to colour chart within 10 seconds and take a picture
    7. Select the colour which most accurately represents the colour observed on the test strip and submit. The sample is now saved on the app, the pass/fail is determined and a report is generated and emailed.

    The test strips are supplied in a vial of 50 strips. The test strips are non-hazardous, but should be kept out of reach of children.

    How to dose with Fernox Express via a radiator
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    Corrosion occurs when a refined metal reverts back to its natural ore state. Corrosion in water systems takes place when two areas of metal with a different electrical charge are in contact or linked via a conductor such as water.

    Corrosion occurs when a refined metal reverts back to its natural ore state. Corrosion in water systems takes place when two areas of metal with a different electrical charge are in contact or linked via a conductor such as water.

    What should be done?
    An inhibitor should be added to system water to reduce the rate at which corrosion takes place. To determine the existing level of protection simply use the Fernox Protector Test Kit to measure the concentration of inhibitor within the system for an instant on-site result.

    Over and under-dosing with inhibitors
    Although manufacturers specify a recommended dose rate for their product, it is important to find out how a product performs when over or under-dosed. Anodic passivating products will require a sufficient dose to ‘coat’ the internal surfaces of the system, plus some excess to maintain this film. If the dose is below the level required to achieve sufficient protection, exposed areas of metal will continue to corrode. Over-dosing with anodic inhibitors is unlikely to have any detrimental effect.

    Negative impact of contaminants
    However, corrosion inhibitors will not be fully effective if under-dosed, but will have a partially protective effect. Negative impact of contaminants The presence of contamination by flux residues, existing corrosion sludge, residual cleaning agent, or even washing-up liquid may adversely affect the performance of an inhibitor and lead to corrosion. To make sure an inhibitor performs as effectively as possible, it is advisable to clean the system thoroughly before treating. the Fernox Water Test Kit, the Fernox F3/ F5 Cleaner Test Kit or the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter can be used to check that a system has been adequately cleaned and flushed before an inhibitor is added.

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