Fernox Cleaner  F3 should ideally circulate around the system for at least one hour, or up to a week, after which it should be drained out and the system flushed/ cleaned before adding Fernox Protector F1 or Protector + Filter Fluid together with a Fernox TF1 Filter to protect the system from further corrosion and scale formation.

Power Cleaner F8 is a concentrated formulation supplied in 500ml bottles, to reduce packaging waste. Just one bottle treats larger systems of 130 litres, 16 radiators or 250 sqm of underfloor systems and one dose is sufficient for cleaning the central heating systems of up to 97% of all UK homes (or larger heating systems).

Power Cleaner F8 is pH neutral and is not acidic, therefore no neutralisation is needed. This saves time on-site.

Citrate action is a term used to describe the powerful chelating effect that the citrate ion has on metal ions. This strong binding effect means that corrosion debris is lifted and transported out of the system during a system clean.

No. Whilst Power Cleaner F8 is formulated with citric acid, this is neutralised in-situ to form the neutral citrate species which has such an effective cleaning action.

You will get a very good system clean with both products. However, if the system is especially dirty it is recommended to use the stronger Power Cleaner F8 which will have an increased dispersion effect, even at low temperatures.

Power Cleaner F8 is a pH neutral cleaner which has low environmental impact and can be safely disposed via foul drain.

Power Cleaner F8 can be dosed into the system up to a week before flushing. This high performance, strong cleaner is effective after one hour circulating under normal operating conditions.

Power Cleaner is phosphate, nitrate and nitrate-free and is developed to exceed all regulatory and legislative guidelines in regard to the environment impact of the formulation. It is compatible for use in mixed metal heating systems, including aluminium.

The TF1 Omega Filter out performs other filters of its size by collecting significant quantities of system contaminants, and competes with many larger filters thanks to the cleverly designed internal mechanisms of the filter.

The HPS technology improves the overall collection of the filter, as well as the performance of the Neodymium magnet.

No, the TF1 Omega Filter has been designed to ensure that even when it reaches a level of maximum collection, system water can still pass through the filter, short-circuiting the body, and flowing freely through the manifold.

The TF1 Omega Filter is not only compatible with all Fernox products, it is designed to act as a dosing point for any Fernox Express products.

In circumstances where demineralised or softened water is used a quality inhibitor must be present to prevent corrosion from taking place. The TF1 Omega Filter offers a convenient and fast way of introducing an inhibitor into the system with no mess or fuss.

The TF1 Omega Filter collects all types of corrosion, scale and installation debris.

By preventing these contaminants from circulating within a heating system, energy efficiency levels are optimised and the inconvenience of a system breakdown coupled with a major repair or replacement cost can be avoided.

The TF1 Omega Filter is a high performance, nickel plated, in-line system filter, which is designed for domestic heating systems.

It is produced with quality materials and components and has been manufactured using precision engineering. Combining the strength of a powerful Neodymium magnet with Hydronic Particle Separation technology, the TF1 Omega Filter offers a superior collection capacity for both magnetic and non-magnetic debris.

This is an innovative, universal inhibitor package which uses the proven inhibition qualities of Fernox Protector F1 with an active dispersant.

This unique formulation is designed to detect, lift and deliver magnetic and non- magnetic debris to an in- line system filter.

Yes, all Fernox internal leak sealers, such as Fernox Leak Sealer F4, are safe for use with combination and other low water content boilers.

They will not block valves or vents. Leak Sealer F4 Express is recommended for all pressurised systems as this can be added in 30 seconds via a radiator, filling loop or Fernox TF1 Filter, without the need to drain the system.

It is an easy to use dip strip that tests central heating systems for the correct concentration of inhibitor, to ensure that the system is fully protected and sludge and debris is prevented from forming and building up.

A core requirement under BS 7593:2019 is that central heating systems are tested annually, to help maintain system health and to identify and rectify any issues before they cause damage to the system. The Benchmark Commissioning Checklist further supports this practice to evidence the correct servicing and installation of boilers. The onsite Express Inhibitor Test makes compliance with these industry standards easy.

Simply dip the test strip into the system water and it will instantly change colour. By comparing the test strip to the colour chart label on the bottle, installers can assess whether the system water includes the correct concentration of inhibitor. A fully protected system will have inhibitor levels of 100ppm or above – and will pass the test. However, if the test fails and a result of less than 100ppm is received, the system should be re-dosed.

Yes! the Express Inhibitor Test is a universal test that will check for the presence of all molybdate based inhibitors within the system water.

The results are instant!

If the dip test shows less than 100ppm, installers can immediately resolve the issue by adding a high-quality inhibitor such as Fernox Protector F1 or where a filter is fitted, Protector+ Filter Fluid. The test can be re-taken once the inhibitor has circulated to confirm the level has been met.

With the initial dose, its key to make sure the system water is circulated properly so that the inhibitor is sufficiently mixed. Fernox recommend that you let the system circulate for at least 15 minutes. Also having the system on hot will help speed this up.

It’s easy to keep track of test results with the free to download Fernox Water Test App, which installers can use to manage and evidence each test. Using the in-app camera, users take a picture of the test strip and select its colour to generate the pass or fail result. Using this process will auto-generate a PDF certificate with the result to your email address and this acts as evidence that the test has been completed and the system is fully protected. For ease, all of your submissions will be stored in your account for you to view and export on demand. If a test fails, installers can also demonstrate that action has been taken and the system subsequently re-tested to receive a positive result.

BS 7593:2019 recommends that the inhibitor should either be re-dosed at 5-year intervals or, a more comprehensive laboratory test is conducted every five years to provide a more in-depth analysis, and where needed, establish targeted action to resolve issues and restore system efficiency. The Fernox Water Quality Test includes everything needed to take a sample of the system water and send it off to the Fernox laboratory for full analysis.

The Fernox Express Inhibitor Test is available from all major merchants and online plumbing retailers.

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