TF1 Delta Filter

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Precision engineered, the Fernox TF1 Delta Filter is a high quality, nickel plated, brass inline system filter specifically designed to protect vital and expensive components in large volume and low temperature commercial heating and cooling systems. The TF1 Delta Filter has three methods of filtration: magnetic, hydrocyclonic and automatic or manual deaeration. It protects key components from magnetic and non-magnetic debris as well as removing trapped air from system water. It is easy to install, service and clean in situ , whilst the system is operational, and can be used in- line or on a bypass.

  • Optimum performance with magnetic and hydrocyclonic filtration for large volume, commercial systems
  • Fast and easy to install close to the wall (with minimal pipe alterations necessary). Fits horizontal and vertical pipework in both flow directions
  • Maximum working pressure of 16 bar (232 psi)
  • Automatic Air Vent with Auto Shut-off Valve – 12 bar (174 psi)
  • High grade, high temperature rated neodymium magnet
  • 5 year warranty
Product Overview

The TF1 Delta Filter is manufactured from a high strength engineering grade brass, suitable for heating and cooling system applications. The brass components are nickel plated to increase durability and resistance, meaning the filter is compatible for use with a range of glycols and additives used in central heating systems.

The TF1 Delta Filter has been designed to ensure there is a minimal pressure head loss, whilst also maintaining a high collection efficiency. The Hydrocyclonic action, magnet assembly and area of low flow have all been engineered to allow the filter to capture a range of system contaminates, whilst ensuring this does not impact the rest of the heating system.

The TF1 Delta Filter utilises a range of high-quality component parts that ensure the filter offers the best possible performance. The magnet is made using a premium grade of neodymium, enabling a high efficiency capture rate, combined with a robust drain valve design, which allows the filter to be cleaned without the need for system shutdown.


The TF1 Delta Filter is a high-performance filter, which uses magnetic and Hydrocyclonic action to deliver, contain and remove contaminants from system water. Ideal for all systems such as zoned, cascade, low loss header and plate-to-plate heat exchangers. Installation Instructions are provided. The filter can be installed on vertical or horizontal pipework, in accordance with the flow direction indicated by the arrow on the manifold. Ideally the filter should be fitted on the return to the boiler and can be installed at up to 45⁰ from the vertical position if space, or head height, is restricted.


Suitable Fluids:
Inhibited Glycol Solutions
Fernox Chemical Range /System Additives
Maximum Percentage of Glycol – 50%

Internal Volume – 0.84 US gallons
Maximum Working Pressure – 16 Bar/232 psi
Maximum Flow Rate – 53 US gallons/min
Automatic Air Vent with Auto Shut-off Valve – 12 Bar/174 psi
Maximum Working Temperature – 248⁰F
Capture Rate – Up to 100% of system contaminates

Pressure Loss Data
The TF1 Delta Filter has been hydrostatically tested
according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC
at 24 bars (348 psi) for a PN16 rating

Operating Principle – Contaminated water enters the filter via the manifold, carrying a variety of system debris and particulate matter held in suspension. This debris, including ferrous impurities such as Magnetite, move through the manifold and into the main body of the filter.
The TF1 Delta Filter utilises Hydrocyclonic filtration. A Hydrocyclone is a static device that applies centrifugal force to a liquid mixture to promote the separation of particles.
The Hydrocyclonic action has been designed to convert incoming liquid velocity into rotary motion. As water enters the filter, it spins around and down the outside of the filter, carrying particles with it. The shape of the filter has been designed to create a dead zone at the bottom where heavier particles are deposited for safe removal.
The Hydrocyclone in the TF1 Delta Filter has been optimised in order to allow for the maximum filtration ability of both magnetic and non-magnetic material.
Once the flow of water has reached the bottom of the filter, water moves back up through the centre of the TF1 Delta Filter, carrying particles over the magnet sheath, promoting further magnetic filtration, and enhancing the collection capabilities of the filter.
Any dirt collected within the filter can then be discharged by removing the magnet from the sheath and opening the drain valve. This procedure is shown in the cleaning guide and does not require system shutdown or the filter to be disassembled.

Physical Specification / Properties

Filter Body – Cast brass (EN 1982-CC754S), Nickel plated
Manifold – Cast brass (EN 1982-CC754S), Nickel plated
Magnet – Neodymium
Drain Valve – Nickel plated brass
Seals & Washers – EPDM

Package, Handling & Safety

As with all magnetic products, if you have an implanted cardiac device extra caution should always be taken when handling any magnetic filter.
Individually packaged, with instructions included. No special storage requirements.