Inhibitors & Protectors

Corrosion inhibitors, otherwise known as Corrosion Protectors or central heating inhibitors, safeguard central heating systems against the formation of sludge and scale build–up. The damaging effects of corrosion debris can cause boiler noise, radiator or pipework blockages and boiler breakdown as well as negatively impacting on overall system efficiency.

Protector F1 500ml

Protector F1 is a market-leading inhibitor which prevents corrosion and limescale formation in central heating systems. This high-performance product offers superior protection by uniquely combining

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Protector F1 265ml

Fernox Protector F1 265ml gives long-term protection against internal corrosion and limescale formation in central heating systems. Suitable for all types of boilers, radiators and

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Protector F1 10L

Protector F1 protects against corrosion and limescale formation in light commercial and HVAC heating and cooling systems. This product also provides excellent pH buffering to

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