Water Hawk Jointing Compound 200g

Product Code: 61001

Water Hawk is a jointing compound designed for use with hot and cold potable water. The non-toxic formulation is also WRAS approved.

  • Jointing compound for use with hot and cold potable water
  • WRAS – Approved Product
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Application, Fitting & Dosing

Water Hawk is manufactured from a unique silicone compound, to ensure it does not support microbiological growth. Water Hawk complies with BS EN 751-2 Class A. Water Hawk is used on all jointing applications, but is uniquely designed for use with potable water. If a reinforcing material is needed, an approved reinforcing fibre can be used with this product. An approved fibre should be used on pipework over 25 mm with Water Hawk.

Package, Handling & Safety

Water Hawk is supplied in 400g tins and 200g tubs.
Water Hawk is classified as non-toxic, but for further information please consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Physical Specification / Properties

Colour: White-straw
Form: Thick paste
Odour: None
pH: N/A
SG: 2.0

Volumetrics / Dimensions
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Single Unit Dimensions
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60 × 60 × 65 mm
134 x 310 x 130 mm