TF1 Antifreeze Valve 28mm

Warranty: 5 Year (s)
Product Code: 62664

The Fernox TF1 Antifreeze Valve is specifically designed to protect water-based air and ground source Heat Pump heating systems. In cold weather when temperatures drop, systems that are not treated with a glycol-based fluid can freeze within the heat pump circuit potentially causing harmful and costly damage to vulnerable heat pump components and system pipework; eventually causing premature breakdown and repair.

The Fernox TF1 Antifreeze Valve is an essential, simple to install component developed to prevent frozen systems by detecting when the fluid in the circuit is close to freezing point i.e., when the circuit temperature reaches below 3° C. The TF1 Antifreeze Valve will automatically open and release system water, preventing ice from forming within the Heat Pump system and safeguarding the operation of the system.

  • A high-performance antifreeze valve specifically designed to protect water-based Heat Pump systems.
  • Manufactured from brass for robust, durable and long-term operation.
  • Industry leading KV values for high performance.
  • Automatic operation when the circuit temperature reaches below 3° C.
  • Supplied with both Male and Female BSP connections for ease of installation on the flow and return pipes.
  • Available in different sizes to ensure full compatibility for multiple applications.
Product Overview

The primary function of the TF1 Antifreeze Valve is to detect when the fluid in the system is close to freezing. When the temperature in the heat pump system drops below a certain point, the TF1 Antifreeze Valve opens and releases a small amount of fluid.

The TF1 Antifreeze Valve is an essential component of the heat pump system, to protect the system from damage caused by freezing. If the fluid in the system freezes, it could lead to costly repairs and unscheduled downtime, leaving the building without heat.


The TF1 Antifreeze Valve allows the system fluid to be drained when its temperature reaches an average value of 3° C. This prevents ice forming in the heating and cooling system to prevent potential damage to the Heat Pump and pipework.

The TF1 Antifreeze Valve must be installed in a horizontal position, with the outlet facing downwards, to allow the system fluid to flow out properly, free from any obstructions allowing the system to be quickly and efficiently drained. The TF1 Antifreeze Valve must be installed outdoors, where the lowest temperatures can be reached, and it must be positioned away from sources of heat that could impact the functionality of the antifreeze valve.

It is recommended to install the TF1 Antifreeze Valve on both flow and return pipes. It is best practice to insulate the TF1 Antifreeze Valve using the appropriately sized thermal cover supplied by Fernox.


System Fluid: Water
Maximum static operating pressure: 10 bar
Operating temperature range: 0 – 75 deg C
Ambient temperature range: -30 / +60 deg C
Fluid temperature (opening): +3 deg C
Fluid temperature (closing): +4 deg C
Accuracy: +/-1 deg C
Tightening torque: 60 Nm

Physical Specification / Properties

Body: Brass alloy (EN 12165 CW 617 N-DW)
Seals: EPDM
BSP thread: ISO 228-1

Package, Handling & Safety

Individually packaged, with instructions included. No special storage requirements.

Fernox TF1 Antifreeze Valve Keep Your Heat Pump System Freeze-Free!