Protector F1 265ml

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Fernox Protector F1 265ml gives long-term protection against internal corrosion and limescale formation in central heating systems. Suitable for all types of boilers, radiators and pipework systems, this product is compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in central heating systems, including aluminium.

Part of the Fernox tried and trusted Protector F1 range, this 265ml product offers reduced packaging and waste without compromising on high performance, quality and ease of use. This conveniently size bottle can treat an average 100 litre system or 12 radiators and maybe dosed via a TF1 Filter.

To comply with BS 7593:2019 and best practice, Protector F1 levels should be checked annually as part of the maintenance service. The concentration of the product to ensure full protection can be easily measured on-site using a Fernox Protector Test Kit or by using the Fernox Water Quality Test postal service, with samples submitted via a mobile App.

BS 7593:2019 also states that after five years, systems should either be re-dosed with inhibitor or the quality/ cleanliness of the system water checked by a laboratory test, such as the Fernox Water Quality Test.

If you protect a central heating system using Fernox Protector F1, after cleaning with Fernox Cleaner F3, you can restore and maintain system efficiency resulting in a gas saving of up to 15% every time you heat your room.

  • Stops corrosion and scale to extend system life and efficiency
  • Use in mixed metal heating systems, including aluminium
  • High performance pH buffering for optimum system pH control
  • Prevents radiator cold spots, sticking pumps and boiler noise
  • Treats an average sized UK home of up to 100L, 12 radiators and 190 sqm of underfloor heating. Smaller volume product – less packaging waste and lower environmental impact.
  • Can be conveniently dosed via any Fernox TF1 Filter

The recommended ‘in use’ concentration of the product is 0.265%. One 265 ml bottle will treat an average domestic system (100 litres). For open vented systems add via the feed and expansion tank. For sealed systems add via a suitable dosing point (e.g. a towel rail or an in-line TF1 system filter). Alternatively, use a suitable dosing vessel to inject the product into the system. In single feed indirect cylinders, e.g.’Primatic’ or similar, potable water chemicals must be used. Fernox recommends untreated or sludged systems are thoroughly cleaned and flushed in accordance with BS 7593:2019 and Benchmark using any product from the Fernox Cleaner range, before treating with Fernox Protector F1, as existing debris can damage the installation and may reduce the lifespan of the boiler and system.

Physical Specification / Properties

Protector F1 is a blend of inorganic and organic corrosion and scale inhibitors.
Form: Liquid
Odour: Aromatic (slight)
Colour: Light Yellow
pH(conc.): 8.3
pH(soln.): 7.8 to 8.5
SG: 1.135 at 20°C

Package, Handling & Safety

Fernox Protector F1 is supplied in 265 ml bottles.

Fernox Protector F1 is classified as non-hazardous for human health, but as with all chemicals, keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

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