Powerflow Pump Head Adapter

Product Code: 55568

The Powerflow Pump Head Adapter facilitates easy connection of a powerflushing machine to central heating systems via the body of the circulator pump, and is particularly suited to condensing boilers with in-built circulators. This product saves time on-site and is very easy to use enabling a faster, more efficient clean.

  • Facilitates easy connection of powerflushing machines to central heating systems via the body of the circulator pump
  • Particularly useful for condensing boilers with in-built circulators
  • Allows for the cleaning of secondary heat exchangers without dismantling the boiler
  • Saves time-on site, simple and easy to use
  • Compatible with all commonly used circulators
  • Patented product No. GB2416002

Instructions for use

1. Isolate the electricity supply, close the isolating valves on the system pump and remove the pump head. Put the pump head to one side.
2. Insert the small flat 40mm x 5mm gasket over the central suction port on the PPHA. This gasket fits all makes of pump.
3. Select the outer large diameter O-ring that best fits the pump – this will vary depending on the make of pump. Refer to the fitting guide.
4. Using the original fixing screws supplied with the pump, fit the PPHA in place of the pump head. (If replacement screws are required most pumps use either M5 or M6 size). The PPHA will seal without over tightening using the correct O-ring.
5. Connect your powerflushing pump to the PPHA. Use only PLASTIC (PP) ¾” female nut liner and seals, as provided with the Fernox Powerflow pump and PPHA. Secure these to the hoses with screw clamps. The use of metal connectors will damage the thread on the PPHA fittings and reduce its service life. Note that the kidney shaped port on the PPHA is the flow to the system and is marked ‘F’; whilst the central port with the sprung sliding bush is the system return and marked ‘R’.

Physical Specification / Properties

The Fernox Powerflow Pump Head Adapter is designed for easy connection of your powerflushing pump to heating system pipework, using commonly found pump bodies as a coupling union. It enables you to flush every radiator on the circuit and gives full flow-rate flushing directly where you need it. The Fernox Powerflow Pump Head Adapter fits all standard central heating pumps and the majority of combination and system boilers where the pump is built into the boiler casing. It is supplied with three ‘O’ rings;

Use 72mm x 5mm (smallest of the three large rings) for:
Grundfos UPS 15-50/60
Circulating Pumps CP/SE range
Myson CP
Pegler Terrier TC5/TC6

Use 74mm x 6mm (middle sized and slightly fatter ring) for:
Wilo Gold

Use 80mm x 5mm (largest ring) for:

Package, Handling & Safety

The Fernox Powerflow Pump Head Adapter is made from rugged, acid resistant polypropylene and stainless steel and requires only minimal maintenance. The sliding bush should be cleaned and lubricated with silicone oil, or silicone grease, as required. Check before use that the bush will spring in and out. O-rings may wear, or be lost and may require periodic replacement. A replacement O-ring pack is available.