Water Quality Test

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Water Quality Test is a paperless smart phone driven postal sampling service which provides validation for system condition after cleaning or treatment.


It requires the Fernox WQT Mobile App for iOS or Android to be downloaded and is currently only available to UK customers.

  • Benchmark the system condition at the time you leave site
  • Ideal for social housing work
  • First, download the Water Quality Test mobile app (see link below)
  • Set up the app with your contact details; it will then only take a few seconds to register each sample using your smart phone
  • The WQT mobile app is used to scan the sample kit and boiler serial number barcodes and then to enter the sample (site) address using the mobile app’s integral post code look up
  • Water Quality Test is a paperless process and the mobile app enables you track your samples and informs you of the results as they are completed in real time.
  • Post off your sample. Within a few days, Fernox carries out an analysis of the system water checking key water parameters
  • The test confirms that the system has been correctly treated and is fully protected, or will advise on the appropriate additional treatment where necessary
  • The results are reported via the mobile app and followed up with an easy-to-read report with recommendations where appropriate

Download the Water Quality Test Mobile App now:



The Fernox Water Quality Test provides all the necessary apparatus required to gather a sample for testing. The micro-bottle kit consists of one sample bottles (75ml) and a Freepost envelope. The process is simple. Simply fill the sample bottle with system water, download the Fernox Water Quality Test app, scan the bottle and complete the details on the app, then finally return the sample in the Freepost envelope. The results will be sent electronically directly back to the app that submitted the sample, as well as via email to the users registered email address.

Water Quality Test

Water Quality Test