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Water Hawk Jointing Compound 400g

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Water Hawk is a jointing compound designed for use with hot and cold potable water. The non-toxic formulation is also WRAS approved.

Water Hawk is manufactured from a unique silicone compound to ensure it does not support microbiological growth. Water Hawk complies with BS EN 751-2 Class A. Water Hawk is used on all jointing applications, but is uniquely designed for use with potable water. If a reinforcing material is needed, an approved reinforcing fibre can be used with this product. An approved fibre should be used on pipework over 25 mm with Water Hawk.

Water Hawk is supplied in 400g tins and 200g tubs.
Water Hawk is classified as non-toxic, but for further information please consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

Colour: White-straw
Form: Thick paste
Odour: None
pH: N/A
SG: 2.0

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