TF1 Sigma UB Installer Pack

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The Fernox TF1 Sigma UB Installer Pack is the complete solution to cleaning, protecting and guarding a central heating system in line with BS 7593:2019 and the Benchmark Commissioning Checklist. It includes the industry leading TF1 Sigma UB Filter, Fernox Cleaner F3 and Fernox Protector F1 265ml and Fernox Express Inhibotr Test Foil Pack (x2 test strips).

  • Complete pack for cleaning and protecting a central heating system.
  • The TF1 Sigma UB Filter is a composite under boiler system filter with a brass manifold designed for easy installation in small, restricted areas and with concealed pipework. This high-performance filter can be installed directly under the boiler or in restricted spaces due to the compact, versatile design.
  • Protector F1 & Cleaner F3 265ml treat an average sized UK home of up to 100L, 12 radiators and 190 sqm of underfloor heating. Smaller volume product – less packaging waste and lower environmental impact.
  • Supplied with a Fernox Express Inhibitor Test Foil Pack (x2 test strips).
  • The Fernox Protector F1 265ml provides long-term protection against internal corrosion and limescale formation in central heating systems.
  • The Fernox Cleaner 265ml is a universal, fast acting and effective pH neutral cleaner for central heating systems, designed to remove debris, sludge and scale from existing systems.
Application, Fitting & Dosing

The TF1 Sigma UB filter should be installed close to the wall, the filter can be easily fitted under boilers and in all other areas where space is limited. The TF1 Sigma UB Filter can be installed under a boiler or in tight and restricted areas. Ideally the filter should be fitted on the return to the boiler and should be installed horizontally. To enable the TF1 Sigma UB Filter to be connected to the boiler and/or return flow pipes, separate flexible/corrugated pipes and/or adapters may be required (not supplied).

The recommended ‘in use’ concentration of Protector F1 is 0.265%. One 265ml bottle will treat an average domestic system (100 litres). For open vented systems add via the feed and expansion tank. For sealed systems add via a suitable dosing point (e.g. a towel rail or an in-line TF1 system filter). Alternatively, use a suitable dosing vessel to inject the product into the system. In single feed indirect cylinders, e.g.”Primatic” or similar, potable water chemicals must be used. Fernox recommends untreated or sludged systems are thoroughly cleaned and flushed in accordance with BS 7593:2019 and Benchmark using any product from the Fernox Cleaner range, before treating with Fernox Protector F1, as existing debris can damage the installation and may reduce the lifespan of the boiler and system.

One 265ml bottle of Cleaner F3 is sufficient to clean an average domestic central heating system (100 litres). Additional/repeat applications of Cleaner F3 may be used for larger, dirty systems. First, drain and refill the entire system with plain water. For optimum results, the entire system, including drop feed radiators where fitted, should be completely drainable. Preferably, full bore gate valves with hose connectors should be provided temporarily for this purpose. Motorised and thermostatically controlled valves must be set so that no part of the system is closed off during cleansing or rinsing. Discharges must be made to the foul drain and not to surface water drain.
For open vented systems add Cleaner F3 via the header tank. For sealed systems add via a suitable dosing point or TF1 Filter. Fernox Cleaner F3 can also be used in conjunction with a powerflushing unit. In this case, please refer to the unit manufacturer’s instructions. When pre-commission cleaning new systems, Fernox Cleaner F3 should be circulated for a minimum of one hour at normal operating temperature.
For cleaning existing systems, sludge and debris should be dispersed also within one hour at normal operating temperatures. However, to remove hardened iron oxides and limescale, the cleaning time can be extended to up to one week under the normal heating cycle. If a radiator still has a cold spot after one hour, increase the flow through the radiator by closing the valves on the other radiators. An additional or repeat dose of Cleaner F3 may be necessary in some cases.
Drain and flush thoroughly, at least twice, until the water runs clear.
When using Cleaner F3 with a powerflushing machine, cleaning should be completed within an hour. Use dynamic flushing with plain water until the water is clear. Refill system adding Fernox Protector F1 for long-term protection against corrosion and limescale .In single feed indirect cylinders, e.g.”Primatic” or similar, potable water chemicals must be used.

Package, Handling & Safety

As with all magnetic products, if you have an implanted cardiac device extra caution should always be taken when handling any magnetic filter.

Individually packaged with instructions included. No special storage requirements.

Fernox Protector F1 is supplied in 265ml bottles and classified as non-hazardous for human health, but as with all chemicals, keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.


Suitable Fluids:
Inhibited Glycol Solutions
Fernox Chemical Range / System Additives
Maximum Percentage of Glycol – 50%

Maximum Working Pressure – 5 bar
Maximum flow rate – 40 L/min
Maximum Working Temperature – 100⁰C
Capture Rate – Up to 100% of system contaminates

Operating Principle
– Contaminated water enters the filter via the brass manifold, carrying system debris and particulate matter held in suspension. This debris, including ferrous impurities such as Magnetite, moves through the manifold and into the main body of the filter.

The dynamic flow created within the filter means dirty water is transferred directly to the central magnet assembly. The high-powered neodymium magnet is designed to capture and retain large quantities system debris, protecting the boiler and helping to prevent breakdown and costly repairs.

The engineered flow path within the filter reduces magnet wash-off and improves the pressure loss across the filter assembly, meaning the filter can capture the maximum amount of debris, whilst causing no restriction to flow.

Water is directed to pass over the magnet sheath before exiting via the manifold. As a result, system debris cannot escape from the filter and is either trapped in the area of low flow, or captured by the powerful neodymium magnet, to allow clean water to exit the filter.

The filter utilises a precision engineered three-way valve, meaning any dirt collected within the filter can be quickly discharged via the drain valve by simply removing the magnet from the sheath, and turning the valve handle to engage the service function and open the drain valve, at which point system debris will be flushed from the filter and removed from the system. This procedure is shown in the cleaning guide

Physical Specification / Properties

Filter Body – Glass filled, engineering polymer
Manifold – Nickel plated brass
Seals & Washers – EPDM

Protector F1 is a blend of inorganic and organic corrosion and scale inhibitors.
Form: Liquid
Odour: Aromatic (slight)
Colour: Yellow
pH(conc.): 8.1
pH(soln.): 7.0 to 8.0
SG: 1.18 at 20°C

Cleaner F3
Colour: Amber
Odour: Faintly Aromatic
Form: Liquid
pH (conc): 6.7
pH (in-use) 6.5 – 7.7
SG: 1.195 @ 20°C

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