TF1 Flushing Adapter

Product Code: 59980

For use with a Powerflow Flushing Machine, this universal adapter allows for easy connection to a heating system via a Fernox Total Filter, and provides full flow rate to optimise cleaning efficiency. The TF1 Flushing Adapter uses the same fixings and valves as the 22mm or 28mm Fernox TF1 Total Filter.

  • Easy flushing with connection via the Fernox Total Filter TF1
  • Provides full flow rate to optimise cleaning efficiency
  • Fernox TF1 Flushing Adapter is rated to 85°C and fully acid resistant

Application, Fitting & Dosing

1. Close the isolating valves on the Fernox TF1 Total Filter and remove from system, leaving the valves in place.
2. Using either the original rubber seals, or replacement seals provided with the Fernox TF1 Flushing Adapter, fit in place of the filter as shown in the diagram.
3. Connect your Powerflow Flushing Machine to the Fernox TF1 Flushing Adapter. Use only PLASTIC (PP) ¾” female nut liner and seals, as provided with the Fernox Powerflow Flushing Machine and Fernox TF1 Flushing Adapter. Secure these to the hoses with screw clamps.

Spare parts for the Fernox TF1 Flushing Adapter are available.

Package, Handling & Safety

Individually packaged with instructions included. No special storage requirements.

Physical Specification / Properties

When used appropriately, the Fernox TF1 Flushing Adapter is maintenance-free.

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