TF1 Filter Seal And 'O' Ring Kit

Product Code: 59288

This handy spares pack contains all the necessary seals to keep a TF1 filter water tight after chemical dosing, servicing or maintenance, including a Cap ‘O’ ring, Bleed Valve ‘O’ ring and 2x valve washers.

Application, Fitting & Dosing

For use with Fernox TF1 Compact and TF1 Total Filters

Package, Handling & Safety

Box of 20 kits.

Physical Specification / Properties

Air Vent – 13.0mm x 2.0mm
Lid – 74.0mm x 4.03mm EP11/7/4 Peroxide Cured
Valve Washer – 30.0mm x 21.0mm x 2.0mm

This kit must be used to ensure product warranty is maintained.


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