TF1 Compact Filter

Warranty: 5 Year (s)

A high-performance, magnetic in-line system filter, the TF1 Compact Filter is ideal for small and restricted spaces. This simple to install, composite plastic filter fits onto vertical and horizontal pipework in multiple orientations. Its design enables the capture of both magnetic and non -magnetic debris by using hydrocyclonic action and specifically engineered magnet assemblies to collect and contain debris within the filter before safe removal.

  • Precision engineered, hydrocyclonic and magnetic in-line system filter to remove magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants from system water.
  • Ideal for use in small, restricted spaces and access areas
  • Easy to fit – multiple orientation capability on vertical and horizontal pipework
  • Fast and mess-free cleaning via the drain valve – no need to dismantle the unit
  • Easy to use, system can be left running normally during cleaning
  • Suitable for installation on vertical and horizontal pipework
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Product Overview

The TF1 Compact Filter is constructed using an engineering polymer, suitable for heating and cooling system applications. The glass reinforced polymer has good hydrolysis resistance, as well as high resistance to strain and abrasion. The polymer is compatible with glycols and additives used in central heating systems.

The TF1 Compact Filter has been designed to ensure there is minimal pressure loss in addition to maintaining a high collection efficiency. The unique Hydrocyclone, magnet assembly and area of low flow have all been engineered to allow the filter to capture a range of system contaminates, whilst not impacting the rest of the heating system.

The TF1 Compact Filter utilises a range of high-quality component parts that ensure the filter offers optimum performance. All isolation valves are designed to allow users to operate them easily by hand, whilst also providing a secure connection to the system and service point. The magnet is manufactured using a premium grade of neodymium, enabling a high-efficiency capture rate, as well as a robust filtration that will ensure a continued and consistent level of collection.

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Cleaning Diagram
Dimensions Diagram
Dosing Diagram
Fitting Diagram
Pressure Differential Graph

This is an innovative, universal inhibitor package which uses the proven inhibition qualities of Fernox Protector F1 with an active dispersant.

This unique formulation is designed to detect, lift and deliver magnetic and non- magnetic debris to an in- line system filter.

How to Install Fernox TF1 Compact
How does Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector Inhibitor work?


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