Solar S1 20 Litre

Product Code: 57674

An inhibited heat transfer fluid which is designed to protect all solar thermal heating systems at elevated temperatures. This product is effective both in the gaseous and liquid state at temperatures in excess of 180° C.

  • Frost protection to -28°C
  • Volatile corrosion inhibitor for optimum protection in gas and liquid phases
  • Stable pH across the range of operational temperatures
  • Compatible with all makes and models of solar panels
  • Benchmarked against market leading products
  • Available as 20 litre product

Solar S1 is suitable for use within solar thermal installations that conform to BS EN 12976 and BS 5918. Solar S1 provides corrosion inhibition to all metals commonly found in solar thermal systems. Solar S1 is compatible with all non-metallics commonly found in solar thermal systems. It is ready to use and should not be mixed with other heat transfer fluids or diluted with water or glycol. If other heat transfer fluids have been previously used, drain the system completely and rinse with Solar S1 before filling.

Solar S1 is suitable for use in solar applications with stagnation temperatures in excess of 360°C provided that the solar thermal system is correctly installed and dimensioned to allow the Fernox Solar S1 to withdraw completely through vaporisation from the collectors when the maximum static temperature is reached. Solar S1 should not be exposed to temperatures of 180°C or higher for prolonged periods. Temperatures in excess of 200°C causes slow degradation of the fluid which can lead to a reduction in product life.

Physical Specification / Properties

An aqueous solution of monopropylene glycol, and specifically formulated high temperature inhibitors
Appearance: Orange liquid
SG @ 20°C: 1.035
Refractive Index: 1.381-1.385pH: 9.4 – 10.3
Alkalinity: 6,300 – 6,500 ppm as CaCO3
Viscosity (20°C): 8.5 – 8.7 cPs (Brookfield 100 rpm)
Boiling point: 102 – 105°C
Flash point: None
Water content: 55 – 58%
Freezing point: -28°C

Package, Handling & Safety

Fernox Solar S1 is supplied as a ready-to-use premix in 10 and 20 litre sizes. The formulation should not be diluted prior to use.

Fernox Solar S1 is classified as non-hazardous, but as with all chemicals, keep out of the reach of children. Refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for further information.