Powerflow Flushing Machine MKIII 110V

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Warranty: 2 Years

The Powerflow Flushing Machine MKIII is a powerflushing machine which uses a targeted, powerful freshwater flow to remove sludge, scale and debris quickly and thoroughly from existing and contaminated domestic central heating systems. It is compatible for use with all Fernox Cleaners. After just one site-visit, the boiler’s optimum energy efficiency rating and overall system performance level can be restored; eliminating boiler noise and minimising fuel consumption. Supplied with all hoses and fittings and ready to use. The machine has a circulation rate of up to 99l/min and is rated to 85ºC operating temperature. Reversible flow action and integral double check valves on the mains fill are key features to aid the speed of cleaning and ease of use. The Powerflow MKIII offers a two year return to base warranty.

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  • Powerflush central heating systems to remove corrosion debris, sludge and scale
  • De-scale boilers
  • Overcome boiler noise and circulation problems
  • High-temperature operation to enable faster cleaning. Cleans a system with just one visit to site
  • Recommended to use with Fernox products only
  • 2 year warranty
  • This powerful flushing pump is ideal to make short work of cleaning boiler and radiator systems, without removing radiators. It can also double up as a descaling pump for heat exchangers. Saves time on-site. Using the Powerflow Flushing Machine MKIII at temperatures of up to 85ºC together with Fernox DS40 System Cleaner, System Neutraliser, Powerflushing Cleaner F5, or Cleaner F3, only one visit to site is required to powerflush a central heating system.
    The Building Regulations for England and Wales, Part L 2010, now require a central heating system to be cleaned and inhibited chemically with every boiler change. The Fernox Powerflow Flushing Machine will add value to your business and enhance your professional image. Use it to offer a fast, professional and reliable cleaning and flushing service when replacing boilers. Many boiler manufacturers now make the warranty dependent on flushing and cleaning in accordance with Benchmark and Part L.

    Use a Fernox Powerflow Flushing Machine when:
    Fitting a new boiler to an existing system
    Fitting TRVs, or up-grading to a fully pumped system
    Cleaning drop feed radiators in-situ
    Removing black sludge
    For curing boiler noise and for boiler descaling

    1100W pump/motor
    Circulation rate of up to 99 l/min
    Proportional full bore dumping at 60 l/min
    Rated to 85°C operating temperature
    CE marked pump
    Reversible flow action
    50 litre tank capacity
    Integral double check valve on mains fill
    2 year return to base warranty

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