LS-X External Leak Sealer 50ml

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LS-X is a proven, fast acting, silicone paste which is used as an effective external leak sealer and jointing compound. It is designed for use on hot and cold water services, including potable water. Convenient and easy to use.

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  • Ideal for use on compression joints and screwed fittings
  • Never sets rock hard, joints can easily be undone
  • Ready to use, no mixing required
  • Does not shrink or crack with age
  • Suitable for use from below freezing point to above boiling point of water
  • Completely safe to use with drinking water
  • When sealing leaks, relieve the water pressure before application, if possible. Whilst LS-X is setting, drain system if necessary. Apply LS-X direct from the tube and mould into shape using a spatula, or knife, previously dipped into soapy water to prevent adhesion or dragging. Replace cap immediately after use. Allow a minimum of 1 hour to set. The time required depends on the thickness of the product applied. Spraying with water speeds curing. LS-X may be used as a jointing compound on hot and cold water services, including potable water, in place of traditional materials. Reinforcement is generally not required, but reinforcement fibre may be used on larger pipe sizes.The use of reinforcement material is advisable for larger leaks and higher pressures.

    Fernox LS-X is supplied in 50 ml tubes.Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin. Use in well-ventilated areas. For further information, consult the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

    Colour: Milky white
    Form: Paste
    Odour: Mild, Acetic
    pH: <3 SG: 1.0 at 20°C

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    Leaks in water systems can result from external frost damage, dry solder joints, accidental perforation during maintenance or decoration, or internal corrosion.

    Sealing internal leaks (central heating systems only)
    Small leaks, including pressure drops on combination boilers and other sealed systems, can be repaired using Fernox Leak Sealer F4. Each Leak Sealer F4 product treats 100 litres or up to 10 single radiators.

    On an open vented system, pour the Leak Sealer F4 into the tank and simply draw off 5-10 litres of water from the drain cock initially returning this to the header tank to ensure that no treated water is thrown away. Repeat the previous step until all Leak Sealer F4 has been absorbed into the circulating system.

    Switch on the circulating pump and apply at least a small amount of heat to achieve even distribution.

    An alternative solution for dosing is to inject Fernox Leak Sealer F4 Express or Fernox Superconcentrate Leak Sealer F4 directly into the radiator via the bleed valve.

    Repairing external leaks (to all types of water pipes)
    To repair leaking external pipes and fittings, use Fernox LS-X External Leak Sealer with a bandage of PTFE tape or another suitable reinforcement tape.

    After turning off the water and draining down to remove water pressure from the leak, apply Fernox LS-X External Leak Sealer to a dry surface around the area of leakage. Wrap the pipe with a layer of PTFE tape or other reinforcement tape with 50% overlap and extend well beyond the area of the leak.

    Immediately apply repeat coats of Fernox LS-X External Leak Sealer and further layers of bandage to form a repair about 5mm in total thickness before allowing to cure.

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