LP Sterox Test Strips 50 Pack

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Designed for use with LP Sterox, this product comprises a tub of 50 test strips, which are recommended to measure product concentration levels, at regular intervals, during disinfection of the water system.

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  • Tests for adequate dosing of LP Sterox
  • Contains 50 test strips per tub
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Immediate test results on- site by comparing the sample test strip with the colour chart provided
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  • LP Sterox Test Strips come in a pack of 50 strips and are designed to give a quick and clear indication of adequate dosing of LP Sterox in a system. Once the system is dosed with LP Sterox, the furthest tap from the tank or dose point should be run out to allow the LP Sterox to move through the system prior to testing. Dip a test strip into a sample of system water for two seconds, wait 30 seconds and then compare to the colour chart on the side of the container. At the recommended dosage rate, 1 litre contains 100 ppm in-use hydrogen peroxide (0.30% LP Sterox in solution) Ð this is the required dosage rate for legionella control. Should the test strip show the required concentration of LP Sterox is not adequate, dose the system with the required amount of LP Sterox required to achieve the 100ppm in-use concentration of hydrogen peroxide and retest following the above procedure. For further information on treating legionella, consult BS EN 8580, ACoP L8, HSG274 and HSG282.

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    Disinfection is a process which destroys or irreversibly inactivates micro-organisms, reducing their numbers to a safe level.

    Its purpose is to leave a clean water supply. It must be carried out in the following circumstances:

    • During routine annual system maintenance
    • New installations n After major system extensions or alterations
    • After installing underground pipework, except localised repairs which require prior disinfection of components
    • Where it is suspected that contamination may have occurred: i.e. fouling by sewage, or if systems have been inspected or repaired
    • Where a system has not been in regular use nor regularly flushed

    What should be done?
    Fernox offers a silver catalysed hydrogen peroxide treatment, Fernox LP Sterox.

    Fernox LP Sterox
    This product treats a wide spectrum of biocidal activity including all water-borne bacteria and viruses. It is particularly valuable in modern water system hygiene management where more conventional treatments such as chlorination are unsuitable. Fernox LP Sterox is supplied in one litre bottles. This will treat 300 litres of system water. After treatment, it is not critical that Fernox LP Sterox is flushed from the water supply as it naturally decomposes to water and oxygen.

    Water should be run from each outlet and tested with a Fernox LP Sterox Test Strip until the concentration in the water is less than 200ppm.

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