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Leak Sealer F4 is a internal leak sealer developed for use throughout a central heating system to seal small, inaccessible leaks and weeps which may cause pressure loss and boiler breakdown. Once dispersed within the system, the product finds the area of oxygen ingress and forms a polymer to seal the pinhole. Effective within 1-24 hours after application, the unique sealing efficiency of this market-leading water treatment chemical has been proven to prevent blockages or restrictions within the boiler or vulnerable system components such as pumps and safety devices. A leak can be quickly and efficiently sealed, without the need for a complete system drain down. The Fernox Express range uses Barrier Pressure Pack technology and compressed air propellent to expel the product so the entire range is non-flammable. The propellent (compressed air) is not mixed with the active product so there is no risk of air ingress into the system which could accelerate future risk of corrosion.

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  • Seeks out and seals inaccessible, internal microscopic leaks fast
  • Quick and convenient – doses in 30 seconds – no need to drain down the system
  • Safe to use – does not cause blockages in pipework or vulnerable boiler components such as pumps, air vents and heat exchangers
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly formulation, compressed air propellant and 100% recyclable can
  • Saves time and money on draining down and repairing.
  • Add via a radiator, filling loop or TF1 System Filter – all adapters supplied
  • A single dose of Leak Sealer F4 Express treats a larger sized property with a heating system of 130 litres, up to 16 radiators or 250 sqm of underfloor heating and is added via a radiator or filling loop. It can be dispensed directly into a radiator air vent or system filling loop using the appropriate special adapter supplied with the product. The whole process takes less than two minutes. In single feed indirect cylinder, e.g. ‘Primatic’ or similar, potable water chemicals must be used.

    Fernox Leak Sealer F4 Express is supplied in 400 ml aerosol cans with a universal applicator set.

    Fernox Leak Sealer F4 Express is classified as non-hazardous, but as with all chemicals, keep out of reach of children. Do not mix with other chemicals. Do not take internally. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

    Colour: White
    Form: Viscous liquid
    Odour: Faint
    pH: 5.0 – 7.0
    SG: 1.0 @ 20°C

    How to dose with Fernox Express via a radiator
    How does Fernox Leak Sealer F4 work?
    The Fernox Express Range
    How to dose with Fernox Express via TF1 Omega Filter
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    Follow these steps to successfully dose your central heating system.

    Make sure the system is turned off and allow radiators to cool down (1). Select a radiator and shut both the wheel-head and lock shield valves (2). If a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) is fitted, close it by turning it to the minimum setting.

    Having removed the air vent pin using a cloth to absorb any escaping water (3). Screw the Fernox Express injection nozzle into the air vent (after cutting to the right diameter to fit tightly (4)). Fit the tube to the adapter and screw onto the canister. Attach the other end of the tube onto the nozzle in the radiator (5).

    Re-open the wheel-head valve (6) (or TRV) and inject all the content of the Fernox Express by squeezing the trigger for 30 seconds (7). After the product has been dispensed close the wheel-head valve (8) (or TRV), remove the injector nozzle and tighten the air vent pin (9). Open both radiator valves, turn on the central heating system (10) and let it run for 15 minutes to allow the Express to disperse around the system.

    Fernox Express can also be for dosed via the system filling loop using the appropriate special adapter supplied with the Express product as well as via the bleed valve on a fitted Fernox TF1 Filter. The whole process takes less than two minutes.

    Leaks in water systems can result from external frost damage, dry solder joints, accidental perforation during maintenance or decoration, or internal corrosion.

    Sealing internal leaks (central heating systems only)
    Small leaks, including pressure drops on combination boilers and other sealed systems, can be repaired using Fernox Leak Sealer F4. Each Leak Sealer F4 product treats 100 litres or up to 10 single radiators.

    On an open vented system, pour the Leak Sealer F4 into the tank and simply draw off 5-10 litres of water from the drain cock initially returning this to the header tank to ensure that no treated water is thrown away. Repeat the previous step until all Leak Sealer F4 has been absorbed into the circulating system.

    Switch on the circulating pump and apply at least a small amount of heat to achieve even distribution.

    An alternative solution for dosing is to inject Fernox Leak Sealer F4 Express or Fernox Superconcentrate Leak Sealer F4 directly into the radiator via the bleed valve.

    Repairing external leaks (to all types of water pipes)
    To repair leaking external pipes and fittings, use Fernox LS-X External Leak Sealer with a bandage of PTFE tape or another suitable reinforcement tape.

    After turning off the water and draining down to remove water pressure from the leak, apply Fernox LS-X External Leak Sealer to a dry surface around the area of leakage. Wrap the pipe with a layer of PTFE tape or other reinforcement tape with 50% overlap and extend well beyond the area of the leak.

    Immediately apply repeat coats of Fernox LS-X External Leak Sealer and further layers of bandage to form a repair about 5mm in total thickness before allowing to cure.

    Yes, all Fernox internal leak sealers, such as Fernox Leak Sealer F4, are safe for use with combination and other low water content boilers.

    They will not block valves or vents. Leak Sealer F4 Express is recommended for all pressurised systems as this can be added in 30 seconds via a radiator, filling loop or Fernox TF1 Filter, without the need to drain the system.

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