DS40 Descaler & Cleaner 2kg

Product Code: 62475

DS40 Descaler and Cleaner is a fast-acting, citric acid-based cleaner which is designed to remove limescale, magnetite, or black sludge and other system contaminants. Ideal for use when powerflushing, it can also be used to descale a heat exchanger or boiler component separately. Supplied with a liquid neutraliser product.

  • Rapidly removes limescale, black sludge and other deposits
  • Restores circulation and improves heating efficiency
  • Free-flowing powder for easy use with powerflushing units, application via F&E tank or suitable dosing vessel
  • Turns yellow when product exhausted – liquid neutraliser supplied with product
  • Compatible with all mixed metal systems, including aluminium
  • Convenient to use liquid neutraliser supplied with product

For detailed instructions on the cleaning of central heating systems using DS40 Descaler & Cleaner, please refer to the instruction leaflet inside the box. The product can be poured as a free-flowing powder directly into a powerflushing unit. Alternatively, by pre-dissolving in warm water, the product can be applied via the F&E tank or, in a sealed system, via a suitable dosing vessel into a radiator.One box (2 Kg) is usually sufficient to clean a typical domestic central heating system. For large systems and heavily scaled or sludged systems, additional powder may need to be added. During the early part of the clean, a colour change (red-yellow) indicates that the product is exhausted and more powder needs to be added. Once the clean has been completed, add the bottle of System Neutraliser until the solution turns yellow. If the water is still red, more neutraliser will need to be added. If the bottle supplied is inadequate, additional System Neutraliser can be purchased from Fernox stockists. The system must be drained down and flushed several times with fresh water until the water running to drain is clear. After the final drain, it is recommended that the system is inhibited using Fernox Protector F1. Not for use in single feed indirect cylinders, e.g. ‘Primatic’ or similar.

Physical Specification / Properties

DS40 Descaler & Cleaner
Colour: Red
Odour: Faint (in solution)
Form: Powder
pH: 2-3 (2% w/w solution)
SG: n/a

System Neutraliser
Colour: Colourless
Odour: Ammoniacal (weak)
Form: Liquid
pH: 11.0 (5% w/w solution)
SG: 1.12

Package, Handling & Safety

Fernox DS40 Descaler & Cleaner is supplied in 2 kg containers as a 2-part system, a 1.5 kg pack of DS40 Descaler & Cleaner and a 500 ml pack of System Neutraliser.

Fernox DS40 Descaler & Cleaner is classified as a serious eye irritant and so appropriate care should be taken when using the product. For more information, refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Keep out of reach of children.