DS-10 Dryside Cleaner 7kg

Product Code: 61029

This proven dryside cleaner is for use with cascade boilers with copper heat exchangers, to help restore and optimise system efficiency.

  • Dryside cleaner
  • Cleans the combustion surfaces of copper cascade boilers
  • After use, neutralise the system water before disposal to foul drain using Fernox System Neutraliser
  • Available in 7 kg bottles

Application, Fitting & Dosing

For each 10 litres of solution required first dissolve 1 kg of DS-10 in a small quantity of warm water then add to the remaining water. This should provide a solution of sufficient strength to clean adequately a lightly contaminated heat exchanger in a few minutes. For cases where severe contamination of combustion surfaces has occurred, several units are to be cleaned, or where a reduction in the cleaning time is required, the strength of the solution may be increased to 20% w/v (i.e. 2 kg of powder per 10 litres of water). Neutralise prior to disposal using Fernox System Neutraliser added at a rate of 5 L System Neutraliser to every 7 kg of DS-10 used. Note: Fernox DS-10 must not be used with boilers employing aluminium heat exchangers. Refer to manufacturer’s service literature for detailed instructions. Fernox DS-10 must not be mixed with products containing nitrite or with bleaching products.

Package, Handling & Safety

Fernox DS-10 is supplied in 7 kg containers.

Flammable gas (Hydrogen) may be liberated in use: Do not smoke and remove all possible sources of ignition. Contact with metals, in particular zinc, aluminium, magnesium and steel will liberate this gas.

Physical Specification / Properties

Colour: White
Odour: None
Form: Powder
pH: 1-2 (10% w/w solution)

Volumetrics / Dimensions
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