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Biocide F7 prevents bacterial contamination and fungal growth within underfloor, low temperature heating systems and chilled systems. Biocide F7 should be used in conjunction with Fernox Protector F1 or Antifreeze Protector Alphi-11 to offer full system protection against corrosion and scale, and to maintain energy efficiency levels. Biocide F7 is also used to clean and prevent the reoccurrence of microbiological fouling producing jelly-like deposits (fungal growths) in feed and expansion cisterns. Gas produced by fermentation within systems will also be eliminated by the addition of Biocide F7.

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  • Prevents the reoccurrence of jelly-like deposits in low temperature heating systems such as underfloor systems and to clean feed and expansions cisterns
  • Fast, effective action – starts to work within 24 hours
  • Simple application, add via a radiator, towel rail, filling loop or inline system filter
  • Compatible with all Fernox Protectors
  • High performance, dual action biocide – disinfectant and preservation agent provides short term and long term protection
  • A single 200ml bottle of Biocide F7 treats up to 250m2 of underfloor systems and 150 litres of system volume
  • One 200ml bottle of Biocide F7 treats up to 150 litres of system volume. Add via the feed and expansion tank or, for sealed systems, add via a radiator, filling loop, or other point of entry such as a towel rail. Ensure that the system is also dosed with a Fernox Protector. For heavily fouled systems, firstly clean and flush thoroughly before dosing with a Fernox Protector and Biocide F7.

    Biocide F7 is supplied in 200 ml bottles.

    Biocide F7 is a hazardous product and appropriate care should be taken when using this product. Refer to the product SDS for more information. Keep out of the reach of children.

    Colour: Colourless to light yellow
    Odour: Aromatic
    Form: Clear liquid
    pH (conc.): 2.5-3.5
    pH (1% Solution): 6.0-7.0
    S.G: 1.02 @ 20¡C

    How does Fernox Biocide F7 work?
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    Algae in feed and expansion cisterns Leathery skins or films of algae on the surface of expansion cisterns in open vented systems are caused by fungal mould growths. It occurs when the expansion cistern is not properly covered causing dust, insects and spores to be able to enter the water.

    Algae in feed and expansion cisterns
    Underfloor heating systems are also susceptible to microbial growth due to the lower temperatures at which these systems operate.

    Gas in the system
    Microbiological fermentation in a system could result in flammable gas. Methane gas, which burns with a blue flame, is most often found.Hydrogen sulphide (emitting a ‘bad egg’ smell) may also occur, and is associated with the presence of corrosive sulphate-reducing bacteria.

    Bacterial or yeast infestations caused by organisms entering the system from the supply water; debris in new systems or through air contact in open expansion cisterns can also occur.

    What should be done?

    To combat algae in open vented systems, empty the cistern and disinfect with Fernox AF-10Biocide or Fernox LP Sterox. Refill the tank, adding the correct dose of AF-10 Biocide (refer to the instructions on the container)and top up the concentration levels of Protector F1. Ensure the tank is fitted with a purpose-made lid to prevent future contamination of the tank.

    When there is gas in a system,use Fernox AF-10 Biocide to control microbiological growths and prevent gas build-up. Where contamination is significant,several repeat doses of biocide may be required: in such situations, it may be appropriate to drain and retreat the entire system.

    Bacterial contamination in air and ground source heat pumps
    When there is bacterial contamination in air and ground source heat pumps, Fernox HPCleaner can be used.

    Before use, it should be diluted using no more than 600 litres ofmains water per one litre of HPCleaner (equivalent to 600 metres of 40mm pipework). The ground collector must be flushed out with fresh mains water before being filled with the diluted product.Having circulated the HP Cleaner for at least one hour, after whichit should be flushed out until thewater runs clear. Fill the ground collector with Fernox HP-5 /HP-5c or HP-15 / HP-15c depending on the level of frost protection required.

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