Biocide F7+ 10L

Product Code: 62598

Biocide F7+ prevents microbiological contamination and biofilm formation within commercial heating and cooling systems. Biocide F7+ should be used in conjunction with a Fernox Inhibitor or inhibited antifreeze to offer full system protection against corrosion, scale and microbiological contamination; and to maintain energy efficiency levels. Biocide F7+ eliminates the gas produced by fermentation within systems. Biocide F7+ is also used as a biocidal cleaner to disinfect and preserve contaminated systems or systems awaiting commissioning.

  • High performance, multi-action biocide – works as a disinfectant and preservation agent to provide short and long-term protection to extend system longevity
  • Fast-acting, effective action – starts to work within 24 hours
  • Simple application, add via a system dosing pot
  • Compatible with all Fernox Inhibitors, providing full ongoing system protection. Biocide F7+ can be left in the system permanently.
  • Prevents the reoccurrence of jelly-like deposits in commercial heating systems to prevent system breakdown.
  • One 10 litre product treats a 2000 litre commercial heating system.

Multi-active biocide for commercial heating systems. Biocide F7+ is also suitable for use with low temperature systems, including underfloor heating circuits. Biocide F7+ 10L treats up to 2000 litres of system volume. Add via a suitable dosing point such as a dosing pot. Ensure that the system is also dosed with a Fernox Inhibitor to protect against corrosion.

This product is suitable for use in a biocidal wash, or as a preservative which can remain permanently in the system, during pre-commissioning and after post-commissioning.

For heavily fouled systems, it may be necessary to drain the system after circulating Biocide F7+ to remove biofilms and other debris which may have been dislodged during the disinfecting clean. In-line system filters can be used to aid this cleaning process.

Physical Specification / Properties

Colour: Beige
Odour: Mild
Form: Liquid
pH (conc.): 4.5
pH (0.5% Solution): 6.0-7.0
S.G: 1.02 @ 20°C

Package, Handling & Safety

Biocide F7+ is supplied in 10 litre containers.

Biocide F7+ is a hazardous product and appropriate care should be taken when using this product. Refer to the product SDS for more information. Keep out of the reach of children.