The brass, nickel plated filter already has a five-star review on the popular Expert Trades website in its first year, with comments including: “The only filter I install now, as in my opinion it is the best filter on the market. I love its sleek design and it blends in nicely without standing out too much. It seems well built and has a brilliant guarantee.” (Ignite Plumbing Services – May 14, 2017)

Ideally fitted on the return pipe to the boiler, the TF1 Omega Filter can be installed on 22mm and 28mm pipework, horizontally or vertically, in both flow directions. With the ability to be positioned in situ at a 45° angle if required, it offers ultimate flexibility and quick installation even in the most confined or awkward of spaces. Providing a superior level of system protection through its dual action Magnetic and Hydronic Particle Separation technology, it also benefits from having no lid, which reduces the need to regularly replace the O-ring as is necessary with lidded filters.

The TF1 Omega Filter can be cleaned in-situ without dismantling the unit. It also acts as a handy dosing point for chemical water treatments – taking less than 30 seconds to dose when using the Fernox Express range. Developed to work specifically with all in-line filters, Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector is the perfect enhanced inhibitor package with an active dispersant to aid the collection of corrosion debris.

Furthermore, the TF1 Omega Filter has been a catalyst in driving further innovation at Fernox. The development of the TF1 Omega Filter Flushing Adapter is one such example, providing a simple and convenient way to attach a powerflushing machine to a central heating system via the filter. This adapter replaces the filter body and allows a full flow rate powerflush to be achieved quickly and efficiently.

Ernie McDonald, European Director at Fernox commented:  “We have received excellent feedback over the last year from professional installers, praising the TF1 Omega Filter’s ease of installation, effectiveness at removing system debris and its impressive 25-year warranty. The filter is testimony to the capability and expertise of our research and development team.”