Fernox supported this year’s World Environment Day. The company focused on raising awareness of how CO2 emissions generated from heating, which accounts for 31% of all emissions, can be reduced by correct central heating system treatment and maintenance. As well as sharing examples of its commitment to sustainability across social media, Fernox launched a local litter collection initiative.

World Environment Day was launched almost five decades ago to promote sustainability and the need to protect the environment to conserve and restore ecosystems, as well as call people to purchase more sustainable products.

In support of this, Fernox launched an awareness campaign to educate homeowners and installers alike on the ways to reduce environmental impact and carbon emissions by optimising the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. The company undertook several activities including a social media campaign to put the spotlight on system health and how contaminated central heating systems may lead to heating performance issues. When this occurs, boilers or heat pumps are forced to work harder and use more energy to function and as a result, homeowners will turn up the thermostat to try and make up for this gap in performance.

Not only does this waste energy, but it also causes increased energy and heating bills. However, a fully cleaned system will not experience these issues and therefore minimises the environmental impact. In fact, Fernox chemical water treatment products can result in a 15% improvement in gas savings.

Francine Wickham, Global Marketing Director at Fernox explains: “Heating systems account for a staggering 31% of carbon emissions according to data issued by the Energy Savings Trust – so it is vital that the industry strives to keep systems working at their optimum efficiency through correct maintenance and adherence to the latest guidance documents and legislation.

“Reducing environmental impact is part of our DNA and has been a key focus in our operations since 1964, so we were delighted to support this year’s World Environment Day. We are asking the industry to adopt best practices and make sure central heating systems are always performing at their optimum efficiency. Not only is this better for the customer, but it can also make a huge difference to the environmental impact of both domestic and commercial premises.”

The activity for World Environment Day underpins the company’s existing sustainability credentials and ongoing environmental commitments. Over recent years, Fernox has placed emphasis on developing products that reduce waste and lower environmental impact, by introducing concentrated formulations that are phosphate, nitrite and nitrate free and enable a reduction in packaging, without compromising on the high performance, quality and ease of use installers expect from Fernox. This, combined with only needing one bottle of chemical products to treat the majority of heating systems, means the amount of waste per job is minimal.

NOTE: All participants who took part were photographed in family, Covid-safe bubbles.