Fernox has launched a new, high performance Biocide F7 – to prevent bacterial contamination and fungus within underfloor, low temperature heating systems and chilled systems. The formulation includes two active ingredients, which makes Biocide F7 a fast and effective solution – that gets to work within just 24 hours – for long-term protection against the build-up of bacterial slimes, algae and biofilms.

With Biocide F7, installers can treat underfloor systems up to 280m2 and central heating systems up to 150L with just one 200ml bottle. Biocide F7 includes two active ingredients – the formulation is CMIT/MIT based. This means that Biocide F7 will clean the system short-term and provide continued protection against bacterial contamination and the build-up of harmful substances such as algae, jellies and biofilms.

Richard Crisp, Technical Project Manager at Fernox explains: “It was important for us to produce a formulation that could provide both fast cleaning and long-term protection for low temperature or underfloor heating circuits – that is why we have included two active ingredients. For the best results, installers should use Biocide F7 during the initial fill – that way, if water is stagnant, it is protected against any harmful contamination.”

Biocide F7 is compliant under BPR regulations and is currently undergoing an EU-wide registration, making it fully compliant in every EU country. The composition of Biocide F7 is also specifically mentioned in the BISRIA guide BG 50 – which outlines the water treatment requirements for closed heating and cooling systems.