Fernox has extended its market leading range of high performance filters with the launch of the Fernox TF1 Omega + Filter. The new precision engineered nickel-plated brass filter has been developed specifically to meet the needs of larger systems and light commercial applications, with installation flexibility and market-leading levels of system debris capture.

The filter is the latest addition to the highly successful Fernox TF1 Omega Filter range and protects the heating system with the same innovative combination of a powerful Neodymium magnet and Hydronic Particle Separation (HPS) technology. The unique HPS cleaning method works by reducing the velocity of the suspended particles to allow the debris to settle at the bottom of the filter for quick and safe removal. The internal HPS, magnet assembly and area of low flow within the TF1 Omega+ Filter have all been engineered to optimise the capture of system debris, while ensuring minimal loss of system pressure.

The high strength engineering grade brass filter and components are nickel plated for improved durability and resistance to a range of glycols and additives used in central heating systems. Each TF1 Omega+ Filter is pressure tested on the production line to ensure no leaks or defects. For complete peace of mind the TF1 Omega+ Filter has a five year guarantee.

The Fernox TF1 Omega+ Filter offers the same ease of installation and maintenance that installers expect from all Fernox TF1 filters. The larger, higher capacity filter can be installed on horizontal or vertical 1¼ and 1½ inch pipework in both flow directions, and even positioned at a 45° angle if required for confined or awkward spaces.

The sealed filter offers easy and simple maintenance and, with no lid to remove or ‘O’ ring to replace during cleaning, it ensures the filter is reliable with no ongoing servicing costs over the lifetime of the filter and system. During servicing, the captured contaminates are discharged by removing the magnet from the sheath and flushing the metallic and non-metallic debris from the filter using the drain valve at the base. This is a quick and mess free process that does not require any disassembly of the filter or system drain down.

“The TF1 Omega+ Filter is an exciting new addition to our growing portfolio of heating system solutions,” said Francine Wickham, Global Marketing Director at Fernox. “Through an ongoing research and development process our team identified a clear gap in the market between the domestic filters and the much larger commercial system filters such as our TF1 Delta Filter. The launch of the TF1 Omega+ Filter brings the benefits of a high quality, highly effective sealed system filter to light commercial applications.”

System filters operate best when used in combination with high quality chemical water treatments. Fernox Protector+ Filter Fluid combines the tried and tested formula of Fernox Protector F1 to prevent scale and corrosion with a unique active dispersant to lift and deliver loose debris to an in-line system filter such as the TF1 Omega+ Filter.