After experiencing ongoing issues with the filter brand its team was installing, Crouchers Plumbing and Heating turned to Fernox for advice. The team switched suppliers and now uses the Fernox TF1 Omega Filter, which has improved productivity levels for the engineers, as they no longer have to worry about call backs due to leaks. This change of filter has helped to ensure customer satisfaction and protect the reputation of the business.  

Crouchers Plumbing and Heating offers a wide range of plumbing and heating services – including central heating system installations, replacements and repairs, as well as annual system servicing. In order to achieve the highest standards (and reduce the number of call backs), it is important that its engineers use reliable and high-quality products.

The brand of filter that the Crouchers team had previously installed had a high incidence of leaking; resulting in an increased number of engineer call backs, so the issue had to be addressed as a priority. Having used Fernox chemical water treatment products for a number of years, the team sought advice from Fernox on improving their service, with a filter that was reliable and watertight, even after the cleaning process.

Tim Croucher, Director at Crouchers Plumbing and Heating said: “The Fernox TF1 Omega Filter is now the only filter that our engineers use. It’s easy to install, clean and service, which helps reduce time on site. Most importantly, it is reliable – our engineers trust that the filter will remain watertight even after cleaning.”

The TF1 Omega Filter offers a simple approach to maintenance. Crucially – the lid is not designed to be removed and therefore there is no need to remove an ‘O’ ring, or to replace one during cleaning. This ensures the filter is reliable with no ongoing servicing costs over the lifetime of the filter and system. During servicing, any debris captured by the filter can be discharged by removing the magnet from the sheath and flushing the metallic and non-metallic debris from the filter, using the drain valve at the filter’s base.

As well as the TF1 Omega Filter, Crouchers Plumbing and Heating also use the Fernox ‘F’ range of chemical water treatments. Fernox recently reformulated the chemicals in this range to include a higher concentration of the key active ingredients. This means that one 500ml bottle can now treat a 130-litre system, 16 radiators and 250m2 of underfloor systems. Being able to treat larger volume systems with only one bottle reduces the risk of engineers inadvertently under-dosing a system, as over 97% of UK homes can now be successfully treated with just one bottle.

Tim concluded: “With the re-formulated range of Fernox chemicals, it is much easier for our engineers to calculate the quantity of chemical water treatment needed and ensure systems have the required level of protection. Using the Fernox chemicals and now the TF1 Omega Filter together – our teams are drawing on a high quality and reliable combination of products. This is so important as it is undoubtedly helping us to reduce call backs and protect our business reputation.”

To find out more about Fernox, speak to your regional sales representative or visit: www.fernox.com.