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Universal Test Kit

Product Code: 62457

This on-site test kit is supplied with all equipment and reagents required to determine turbidity, pH, Fernox Protector levels and water hardness.

  • Rapid on-site analysis of central heating system water
  • Simple colour charts for measuring concentrations
  • Tests for major parameters affecting water quality
Application, Fitting & Dosing

All tests are suitable for use with water containing Fernox Protectors. Test strips are provided for pH and hardness tests. A simple drop test is used for measuring the levels of Fernox Protector. Test methods are very simple to understand and easy to use and do not require any formal training. The Universal Test Kit allows compliance with BS 7593:2019, which recommends annual servicing of heating systems to ensure correct concentration of corrosion inhibitor. Replacement reagents for this test kit are available from our sales office on 0330 100 7750. A comprehensive range of postal laboratory testing services are available to complement the Universal Test Kit. For further details please call Fernox Technical Services on 0330 100 7750.

Package, Handling & Safety

This test kit comprises of a Protector reagent bottle, universal tube and cap, a turbidity tube, pH strips and total hardness strips in a blue, plastic case.

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Fernox – How To Use Our Universal Test Kit