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Limescale Preventer 450g

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Tried and trusted for over 25 years, Limescale Preventer prevents the build-up of limescale throughout the home. Easy to use, this product helps maintain energy efficiency and saves money on fuel bills by tackling the issues of limescale.

Limescale Preventer is suspended from a bar or rod in the cold water storage tank near to the water inlet, taking care not to obstruct the free movement of the ball valve. Please ensure that the dispenser is fully submerged, but not in contact with the bottom or sides of the tank, and does not impede the correct operation of the ball-valve arm. For continued protection against scale build-up the dispenser should be replaced every six months. For combination tanks (when the cold water tank is very close to, or on top of the hot water cylinder) the dispenser should be checked and replaced every three to six months.

Limescale Preventer is supplied in 450g dispensers.

The product should be stored in a sealed container in dry conditions. Limescale Preventer is classified as non-hazardous, but as with all chemicals, care should be taken. Keep out of reach of children.

Limescale Preventer is a sparingly soluble phosphosilicate glass.
Colour: Clear opaque
Form: Spheres
Odour: Faint

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