HVAC Cleaner F3 10 Litre

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Designed for use in larger domestic or light commercial systems, HVAC Cleaner F3 is a universal cleaner for pre-commission cleaning new installations and removes sludge, corrosion debris and scale from existing systems.

The effective formulation dissolves scale and mobilises sludge making it easy to remove by flushing. HVAC Cleaner F3 is particularly suitable for cleaning older installations without exposing leaks. HVAC Cleaner F3 is excellent for passivating metal surfaces prior to adding a Fernox HVAC Protector F1.

HVAC Cleaner F3 is well inhibited and compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in heating
and cooling systems.

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  • Cleaner for larger, light commercial heating and cooling systems
  • Removes sludge and scale and restores efficiency of existing systems
  • Ideal as a pre-commission cleaner for new installations to remove installation debris such as flux and solder
  • Compatible with all metals and materials commonly used in heating and cooling systems, including aluminium
  • Suitable for use with all known powerflushing machines
  • Non-hazardous, environmentally friendly formulation
  • For optimum results, the entire system should be completely drainable. HVAC Cleaner F3 should be dosed at a concentration of 0.5%. Add via the feed and expansion tank or inject directly into the system via a suitable point (e.g. dosing pot). For pre-commission cleaning, circulate HVAC Cleaner F3 for at least one hour at normal operating temperature. To remove sludge from existing systems, circulate under normal operating conditions, for up to 7 days until acceptable flow around the system has been achieved. Additional/repeat applications of HVAC Cleaner F3 may be necessary if systems are heavily sludged. Drain and flush with cold water until the water is clear and the HVAC Cleaner F3 has been rinsed from the system. HVAC Cleaner F3 will usually be removed after 3 complete flushes. Finally add an appropriate Fernox inhibitor such as HVAC Protector F1 to prevent further corrosion damage and scale deposits.

    Fernox HVAC Cleaner F3 is supplied in 10 litre drums. Fernox HVAC Cleaner F3 is classified as non-hazardous, but as with all chemicals: Keep out of reach of children. Do not mix with other chemicals. In case of contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

    Colour: Amber
    Odour: Faintly aromatic
    Form: Liquid
    pH (conc): 6.7
    pH (in-use) 6.5 – 7.7
    SG: 1.135 @ 20¡C

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