To help solve the issue of a build-up of sludge within his domestic central heating system, a keen DIYer has fitted a Fernox TF1 Compact Filter at his home in Reading. The filter is designed to provide optimum system protection for applications where space around the boiler is limited.

Stephen Shepherd, a retired IT manager fitted the Fernox TF1 Compact, following advice from a heating engineer, to improve the efficiency of the system and solve issues of boiler noise and radiator cold spots. The 30-year-old heating system at the 1930s property had not been fully maintained and the inhibitor levels had lapsed over time. As a result, the sludge that had accumulated had started to cause issues with the system’s overall performance. The heating system was first cleaned using Fernox Cleaner F5 to remove the majority of sludge and scale before the TF1 Compact was installed. “I hadn’t really been aware of what system filters could do but the immediate results were dramatic,” said Stephen. “I was genuinely surprised by the amount of sludge that was captured in a short space of time.

“I was familiar with Fernox, as I think everyone is, and the TF1 Compact was ideal, especially as space around the boiler was a factor. I’ve never done this type of work before myself but the filter was simple to fit – any competent DIYer could do it,“ Stephen continued. “I would recommend the filter to anyone.”

The TF1 Compact, which is 30% smaller than the standard TF1 Total Filter option, captures and contains metallic and non-metallic contaminants for simple, safe removal. The filter’s size allows it to be installed in almost any space, horizontally or vertically.

To protect against corrosion and scale to ensure the longevity of the system, Stephen used Fernox Protector F1 following the installation. The use of the inhibitor will protect the system and significantly reduce the risk of the system returning to its previous state – a noisy boiler and radiators with cold spots. Stephen concluded: “Installing the Fernox TF1 Compact and dosing the system with Fernox Protector F1 means that I have peace of mind knowing that I’ve removed all the damaging elements from the system – which will certainly improve the lifetime and efficiency of my complete heating system.”

Although both products are suitable for use and installation by competent DIYers, it is always advisable to gain advice from a qualified tradesperson, particularly for those unfamiliar with filter technology and if any specific challenges are encountered.